AOL Desktop Gold

AOL is a web browser and email service designed especially for the protection of computer against the different security threats and cyber attacks.  The easy to use functions and advanced security features of AOL Gold allows the users to access the emails and search for the content with complete security. AOL provides the best web interface and browsing services among all web interfaces.

Ruminating a product which allows you to access the endless number of things just at a single place is quite difficult in present days. But, the AOL Desktop Gold has improved the experience of customers. Along with accessing the email service, a user can browse the internet and perform many other tasks in a completely secured environment.

  • Language – English

  • Size – 15MB

  • Version – Desktop Gold

  • License – $4.99 USD/ Month ( Not applicable if you already have a subscription or paying)

Download AOL Desktop

Prerequisites to consider for AOL Desktop Gold Download

  • Your operating system must have the latest updates already installed.

  • Check and make sure that you have not installed any conflicting program on your system.

  • Clean your computer and make sure that there is no junk file present in your system’s temporary folder.

  • You must have the valid subscription for the AOL Desktop Gold.

Minimum System Configuration for AOL Desktop Gold Download

  • Operating system –  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

  • Memory – Minimum Requirement is 1GB RAM and 512MB Hard Disk space.

  • Processor – Minimum 266MHZ or the faster processor.

  • Internet – A stable internet connection is a must.

  • Screen Resolution – 1024X768 or better screen resolution.

If you have AOL Membership

  • First of all, you have to make sure that your PC meets all the system requirements.

    • MAC OS Version 9.0 or higher.
    • Newest Safari version.
  • After that, download the AOL Desktop Gold for your MAC device.

  • Once you have downloaded the AOL, carefully complete the installation process, else you will face the technical issues while using the AOL Gold services.

Installing the AOL Desktop Gold on MAC

If you are installing it for the first time:

  • Visit the AOL official website and choose the option ‘Get Membership”.  After that, follow the onscreen instructions for creating an account.

  • Once your account is created successfully, login to the account and go for the premium membership.

  • Now, you can download the AOL Desktop Gold.

  • After getting a premium membership, you will receive an email on your AOL email account in which the link to “Start with AOL Desktop Gold” will be mentioned.

  • Follow the instructions and complete the installation process.

If you are an AOL member :

  • Check and make sure that your PC meets all the system requirements to download the AOL Desktop Gold.

    • HDD space should not be less than 512 MB.
    • RAM up to 1GB or more.
    • The processor of 266 Mhz or more.
  • As you are an AOL member, open the login page and log in by using your AOL login credentials.

  • Once you are logged in, go to “My Benefits” section and search for the “AOL Desktop Gold”.

  • Tap to download the AOL Gold.

Installing AOL Desktop Gold on Windows

When you are new to AOL:

  • Firstly, you have to get an AOL Membership

  • Now, you have to create an AOL account and after that get a premium membership from your AOL account.

  • Install the AOL software by following the same process as existing AOL users.

  • Once the downloading process is complete, run the executable file for installing the AOL Gold.

  • Accept the License Agreement and tap to continue.

  • Complete the installation by following the onscreen instructions.

  • Click on Finish to end the process.

With the help of aforementioned steps, you can download the AOL Desktop Gold on your Windows and MAC device.  Follow every step very carefully to avoid the troubles in downloading and installation process.

Facing troubles in installing the AOL Desktop Gold?

Here are some troubleshooting techniques you can try to fix this problem:
  • You can restart your PC and reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold.

  • Make sure that your computer is fulfilling all the system requirements for downloading the AOL Desktop Gold. If your computer does fulfill the requirements, you would not able to download the AOL Gold. Somehow, if you downloaded the AOL, it will display a number of errors while using the service.

  • Check your computer’s HDD, if it is full then you need to delete the unwanted files from your device.

  • Check your AOL plan and make sure that you have purchased the right plan.

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